Having sat in countless makeup chairs over her fourteen year career, Demi Lovato knows first-hand how quintessential a healthy skincare regimen is. For her, skincare is self-care and priming her freckles is just as nourishing for her mind as it is her body. It is an act of self-worthiness and a vehicle on the road to longterm love. A concept she was first introduced to on the day her mom returned from the spa illuming a new found inner and outer radiance.

Demi has taken this concept and is able to use her platform as an artist to have developed and create DEVONNE®.

DEVONNE® is inspired by the millennial generation, but it is for everyone. It is for the conscious vegan, the adventurous backpacker, the local barista, the career mom, and for YOU! It encourages the perfect flaws we all possess, and challenges the status-quo of what is beautiful.

Let’s be beautiful together. A badass version of ourself exists in us all, and with DEVONNE® you can help bring out the best version of you, with the best version of your skin!

FYI: Demi’s a strong minded woman and she puts her money where her mouth is. She co-created the Lovato Treatment Scholarship, which covers expenses for people struggling with mental health and/or addiction issues. Therefore, when you purchase DEVONNE® a percentage of profits from sales will be donated to support this cause.